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Name Company Designation Course Done
Shraddha Jorwekar 42appmart IT Services Web Developer Full Stack Web Development
Sonali Ghare Axon Tech Business Development Executive Full Stack Web Development
Jyoti Khandelwal Dizzler PHP Developer Diploma in PHP
Satya Bishoyi KPIT Cummins Python Developer Python
Sakshi CTS PHP Developer Full Stack Web Development
Amit Fluent India Pvt Ltd. PHP Developer Diploma in PHP
Saiprasad Persistent Systems Limited, Pune Java Developer Diploma in Java
Yogesh Rathod Wipro Android Developer Android
Aishwarya Trigent Software Ltd Technical Liaison Oracle
Satish Amazon Database Administrator SQL
Ajay Patil Infosys Software Developer Android
Kapil Phenocare Technology Angular Developer Angular
Amit Zensar Technologies Ltd. Java Developer Java
Saurabh Patni Computer Systems Ltd. Web Designer Web Designing
Utsav Khanna HCL Web Designer Web Designing
Swati Infosys Software Engineer Diploma in Software Testing
Akshit HCL Java Developer Java
Santosh MphasiS Junior Web Developer Full Stack Web Development
Nilesh L&T Infotech, Pune India Azure Developer Microsoft Azure
Pradip Accenture Software Tester Manual Testing
Sailesh Kumar AgreeYa Mobility India Pvt. Ltd. Cloud Architect Amazon Web Services
Sagar Accenture AWS Architect Amazon Web Services
Ram Volazi Econsulting Pvt Ltd Digital Marketing Executive Digital Marketing
Sumeet Larsen & Toubro Hadoop Developer Big Data Hadoop
Shubham Aloha Technology PHP Programmer Diploma in PHP
Pratiksha Cognosys WordPress Developer WordPress CMS
Manali Webmatrix Technologies Junior Web Developer Full Stack Web development
Aayush Sharma Mphasis Manual Tester Diploma in Software Testing
Supriya Kumari TCS Test Architect Selenium
Tanuja Emersion Oracle Specialist Oracle SQL PlSQL
Pooja Shetty CTS Senior Web Designer Web Designing
Rahul Sinha Infosys Azure Developer Microsoft Azure
Dipali Band SQUAD INFOTECH PRIVATE LTD Senior Software Tester Diploma in Software Testing
*its a partial list of students who placed after completing course. get learn and get placed…